9 de agosto de 2017

Virtual Puzzle by Raffaella Piccirillo

After a long year of great preparation, dedication and love for art, the singer-songwriter Raffaella Piccirillo presents us with another wonderful album. His latest work, Virtual Puzzle released on 21st July 2017 is available in digital and physical worldwide distribution. The album features twelve songs in varied genres such as pop and jazz where the listener will go into a true musical adventure.

Despite the short time to take care of the album's release and a series of activities involving her job as speaker, Raffaella was very kind in giving us this interview. The singer tells us that Virtual Puzzle is a re-reading of her EP 'Fragments of My Dreams' released in 2011; and new songs not yet published. "All the songs were recorded in acoustic versions with a more intimate and close atmosphere," she says.

Raffaella points out that being an independent artist, all the work was a result of musical collaborations and hard work involving artists from various countries. "This album is a tribute to music is like a virtual puzzle; even if there is a physical distance, through the digital means that we have today, we can unite the pieces of the musical world that are: the songs; the musicians; singers; authors; engineers among others, "she adds. The singer comments that inevitably the time for production is prolonged in this system, but it is worth.

The first song is Ragazzi, from the Italian, boys. According to the singer the song talks about the differences between girls and boys. "It is the most joyful lyric of the CD, it deals with a context situated in the universe of adolescence; however, reflected in an adult content as the inevitable behavioral differences between man and woman," she reveals.

In the sequence we have the song Brivido, from the Italian, Shiver. "The song speaks of that feeling you have when your soul is in doubt whether you want to be attached to your own body or separate from it to find the unknown, a different dimension, to change the earthly reality for this new one; it can have multiple interpretations," she describes.

The third track of the album is the song Angels of the Silence. The music has a delicate theme dealing with the issue of pedophilia; asked if she felt free to address this issue because she was not stuck on any label, she says: "As an independent artist, I have not yet wondered if the famous stamp artists are afraid to touch on that theme; when you sign a contract with a famous label, in large part you give up your freedom of expression in different aspects."

The album follows with the songs Stop! and Roxy: Stop! Has a more pop rhythm, is a cry for the end of the injustices committed by the outside world, is a song that denounces hypocrisy and dishonesty; Roxy is a personal dedication that Raffaella wrote in honor of her friend Rossella Ferraris (one of my favorites), a young poet who left prematurely. This is really a very special song; I cannot describe it here through words.

Everyday is the sixth track of the album, the song talks about varied feelings that a person experiences when a love story ends. "It is an inner struggle to get rid of negative thoughts, the desire to close the past and look to the future, because a better love is what you deserve," she adds.

Following, we have the songs Help Me and Lost: According to Raffaella, the song Help Me deals with the set of sensations and moods that are unconsciously felt when someone is afraid of being forgotten; And Lost brings a beautiful love story of two mortal souls forced to separate, yet they are inevitably destined to find themselves again in a new immortal life.

The ninth song is titled When a Man: it is the story of a soldier fighting in the war obeying orders against the enemy; however, this enemy is just an ordinary person like him, family's fathers away from their wives and children; the only difference is the search for a different goal, which consequently leads to the same cruel actions.

The tenth track is Nel Vento (Wind) is a song about people who fully live their love story and suddenly lose it 'like a fall leaf that falls and is lost in the wind'. "It's a kind of question and answer between man and woman, saying their version and point of view," she adds. 

Give Me Kisses is one of the bonus tracks on this album, an international collaboration with the composer Zel Florizel from Brazil. "I'm very happy of singing this song, I think my voice fit the arrangements well; and the song fit well with the rest of the album. Zel is also a great supporter of independent music; I will never be able to say enough thanks for his great support," she adds.

To complete the album in high style, Raffaella brings an acoustic version of the song Kiss From a Rose. "This song belongs to one of my favorite artists, Seal; singing it brings me immense pleasure and this acoustic version is a gift for anyone who buys the entire album," she points out. The singer is very happy with most such achievement in her career and adds: "Virtual Puzzle is a rather intimate album, very feeling; For me, talking about it abroad is already a great achievement."

Asked about the voice's care, Raffaella added that studying and practicing is sufficient for becoming a good singer. "Since you are a child, you should impose the correct use of your voice, not relying solely on your own personal talent, with exercises and much desire for your general voice and different styles. Being versatile is important, it gives you the ability of being technically ready and have a good musical vision," she emphasizes.

The album is available on Apple Music; iTunes; CD Baby and also on physical CDs. Virtual Puzzle is an Unforgettable Musical Travel; a gift Raffaella decided give us; an example of how powerful independent music can be if artists work together as a big family without vanities. You can learn more about Virtual Puzzle on: Raffaella Piccirillo Official Website.

by Zel Florizel