24 de setembro de 2017

Daniel Moon Music and Life

The singer, musician and songwriter Daniel Moon was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He started to be interested by music when he was seven years old, having piano lessons. “My passion for the music started when I was at the Dom Pedro Hotel, in Vilamoura, Portugal; there was a pianist who played very well, so I wanted to start to learn it,” he reveals. His first performance was at the Music School of the Lisbon National Conservatory playing piano solo; at the time he was nine. “My teacher (who was Russian) was pushing me hard. So I felt the responsibility and I was nervous,” he reveals.

The artist tells us he practices music everyday and practices more writing songs. “About the time that I practice it depends of the day, because I am also a music teacher here in Portugal; that’s the way I invest on my project right now,” he adds. Daniel’s father was his great supporter, all his music formation was helped by him, and the artist adds he will be always gratefully for it. His main instruments are Voice and Piano. The artists that inspire him are: James Brown, Frank Sinatra, Jamiroquai, Robbie Williams, among others.

About the difficulties in the beginning of his career, he points out financial, promotion and book gigs: “all the financial effort is done by myself, It’s me who pay the studio to record the songs that I write and it’s me that pay to the musicians to play the others instruments; on promotion, here in Portugal to get the songs on radio it’s not easy because you need wedges and I don’t have them; that’s how it works unfortunately; and about book gigs, I am looking for agents who can book gigs for a project with ten musicians like mine, because every musician has to be paid, I wish to get much more gigs than I got until now,” he argues.

Daniel tells us he started writing music very early, but it was not great compositions. “I only started to do good songs with the time and doing mistakes,” he says. About his inspiration to writing, the artist says each song comes from different kinds of inspiration. “On the song ‘Be Different’ the inspiration came when I was almost sleeping but the TV was on; and it was showing Mercedes publicity which the follow phrase: ‘where others find obstacles, you find a passage’; then I wake up and started to write. The song ‘Give More’ I wrote with my eyes closed with a recorder on my side, and I was just singing melodies and recording, a few months later I wrote it on the piano,” he reveals.

His favorite songs written by himself are: ‘Please,Come Back To Me’, recorded on September 2016; ‘Give More’, recorded on September 2016; ‘Be Different’, recorded on May 2016; and ‘Precious Love’, recorded on January 2015. His first Album called ‘Be Different’ was released on March, 2017.

Daniel doesn’t have label and prefers managing his career by himself. “I had label, but now I am independent; and from the experience I had, I prefer to be independent; my opinion is that a label don’t want to help you as an artist at all,” he advises. In his performance Daniel counts with: Amando Filipe on the Drums; Miguel Menezes on the Bass; Ricardo Amaral on the Guitar; João Barreiros on the Keyboards; Rodrigo Lage on the Trombone; Tiago Cordeiro on the Tenor Saxophone; Jorge Barroso on the Trumpet; Carla Ribero and Lola Corista on the Back Vocals; and himself on Voice and Piano.

Daniel tells us his incomes come from the music classes he gives, but his goal is to make money with the music he does and gives more gigs. Asked about what he expects to happen in the future of the musical world, the artist says: “I hope that the media promote what they really think is good and don’t pass music that just pays more to pass, because that influences people's way of living and thinking; a good choice will always be good for the future quality of life of the young, especially”. What bothers Daniel is to fail and what makes him happy is to succeed. If there are some businessmen, agent or promoter who wants to contract Daniel, please contact him by: daniel.moon.singer@gmail.com. To learn more about the artist's work visit: Daniel Moon Official Website; Twitter; YouTube; Facebook; and Instagram.