25 de outubro de 2017

Giuseppe Brai Music and History

The singer, musician and songwriter Giuseppe Brai (56) was born in Oristano, Italy. Giuseppe started to be interested by music when he was eleven years old; at the age of fifteen he began playing acoustic guitar. Between gigs, compositions and training the artist devotes three to five hours per day on music. On the weekends he can dedicate more time on his art; during the week he has other professions actives, he works in the production department of a company that produces organic food.

After obtaining an accountant diploma he was called to work in his family’s company; thus, his teenage art project became even more complicated. The artist tells when he was twenty five he stopped playing, and devoted himself entirely to the business what absorbed all his energy. “I started playing again with no great ambition; however, my passion had never faded and in 2007 I took my acoustic guitar and started playing again, after so many years and so much rust, it was not easy but from that moment on I never stopped,” he adds.

Giuseppe tells us his parents always helped him financially when he started on music. The artist says he tried to emerge in Italy for more than five years; several famous artists listened to his song, but he had no return about it, actually he performed in his country in several cities. “I attended lots of contests some very important but I always had to face female great voices sometimes with bad songs. The judges in Italy always prefer great voices instead of the singing songwriting performances. That’s why I decided to address English speaking countries where there is more attention for indie artists,” he argues.

His main instrument is the acoustic guitar, Giuseppe learned it by himself; his first guitar was simple and he did not have to spend much money to buy it. “I love guitar, for working reason I stopped my music passion at the age of twenty five and for a long time I worked in the family business. When I started playing again I wasn’t as good as when I was young. Now I’m a good musician but not a great one. I perform with my guitar from time to time but not always,” he reveals.

His musical and cultural background in general, have always covered the Anglo-Saxon world and in particular the culture and music of the United States and Great Britain. He has a profound knowledge of English and American literature and has been fond of Celtic music, country and folk. His inspirers from a very young age were Woodie Guthrie, Jim Croce and Bob Dylan. His music is also influenced by John Denver, Neil Young, and Johnny Cash. His first performance was at a music contest in Tuscany; actually he was five years old. “It was the first time I was on stage. It was frightening,” he adds.

His first song was written in 2010, the artist thinks it was late in his life; however, music has always been the dream of his life and as soon as his job left him more time he started again to chase his dream. “My great inspiration and my muse is my partner Elena. Every song I have written is dedicated to her; particularly the one I released a couple of months ago titled Elena; she has been co-writing with me, she’s very smart, very good in English, and also performs as back vocalist in my latest production,” he points out. Writing has always been something Giuseppe has never abandoned in his life. “I have always written about everything, articles for local newspapers, reviews for magazines specializing in my business, poetry and short novels,” he comments.

Giuseppe usually plays his guitar every day, someday for few minutes, someday for hours. “When I play tunes come to my mind; I usually compose first and immediately I try to find the first lines of the song; maybe the words are not the best at that moment but this helps me to go on; if I consider a good tune what come out from these work I record it to keep save and make a professionally recording in the future,” he adds. His first album is titled “Dreams”, at present he has only released digital music. The artist says there’s not a song from himself he loves most, and all his tracks he has written professionally in the last two years are very good for him.

David is an arranger, sound engineer and drummer that usually work with him in his songs. Giuseppe supports all the costs of recording, producing and distributing his own music. “Music is the dream if my life, I work really hard on my music; I can go on in singer songwriting or only songwriting or also as a producer; but music is my life,” he emphasizes. The artist says us he is addressing completely to English speaking countries, so he has performed live in Germany and UK why these countries are near Italy.

For Giuseppe music is what make him happy, the artist adds when he is feeling down he used to listening to Dylan, Young Denver, U2, and others, what bring his happiness back. About the future of the musical world the artists says: “I hope to find labels more proactive towards Independent Artists. I know artists that are maybe better than Ed Sheran or other famous singer but are still unknown”. What make Giuseppe angry is the lack of loyalty and honesty. “A smile in a child makes me happy, sunrise and sunset makes me happy, emotions are the salt of life,” he points out. You can find more about Giuseppe Brai on: Giuseppe Brai Fan Page; YouTubeTwitter; iTunes and ReverbNation. 

By Zel Florizel