5 de outubro de 2016

Zel Florizel Presentation

Zel Florizel is singer, songwriter and phonographic producer. His first job on CD was the song 'Sabor dos Teus Beijos' a composition written by Zel Florizel and Gilberto Ribeiro, played by Dener and Denilson (2004), and which would later be rerecorded by Zel in an acoustic version.

In 2007 he met the music producers 'Leandro Lago and Tim Mendes' and together produced the CD titled 'Entre Linhas' with the songs 'Há Sóis', 'Coias da Paixão', 'Amor Tem Que Ser de Verdade', 'Para a Menina dos Olhos Claros', 'Dê-Me Cá Um Beijo', 'Quem Quiser Ser Meu Amigo', 'Entre Linhas', 'Na Mesma Sala' and 'Te Trouxe Uma Estrela'.

He took part in regional music festivals and is currently working on producing his second CD has already pre-released the songs 'Foi Para Nós', 'Give Me Kisses', 'Paraguaia', 'For The Pretty Green Eyes', 'On The Lines' and 'Aonde Eu For' that will be part of the next album.

His videos on web are already over than 50,000 views, and, they have been seen in more than 139 countries worldwide.

Zel has some music collaborations with artists worldwide, his song Give Me Kisses was recorded by the italian singer Raffaella Piccirillo (2016), For The Pretty Green Eyes was recorded by the american band Rain King (2016), On The Lines was recorded by the mexican singer Jesus Manoel Sosa Shapton (2015), and Foi Para Nós and Há Sois was remixed by the JD Edworld AE from Puerto Rico (2014).

Moreover Zel provides almost all of his music for free on the site 'ReverbNation' on stage for anyone who wants to download and share with your friends. To Zel the arts mustn't be sold, however, to those who want the CD 'Entre Linhas' in hands, contact Zel on Facebook.

He is currently involved in a new musical project with the Italian singer Raffaella Piccirillo, the American guitarist Joe Adrian, the Canadian keyboardist Alex Fedra and the American composer Anthony Albanese.

If you want to know more about Zel Florizel, access: YouTube, Facebook, Palco MP3, ReverbNationMySpaceSoundCloudTwitter, Blogger, Tumblr, G+, LinkedInCifra Club e Letras.

Text by Zel Florizel